Generation Z Will Provide Some Seriously Valuable Workers. Here’s How to Get Them on Your Team.

It’s likely that Generation Z already shops for your products and knows all about your industry. Although the oldest among them have just reached the mid-20s mark, they enjoy tremendous spending power: According to a deep-dive report from Millennial Marketing, Gen Z boosts the economy by up to $143 billion.

But don’t just think of Gen Z as consumers — think of them as a group of valuable workers who bring something new to the table. Gen Zers are growing older, which means they’re poised to flood the job market with applications in the near future. As a business leader, you know that this generation’s fresh perspective makes them incredibly useful to your business. And no business can afford not to have outside-the-box thinkers on its payroll.

What’s so special about this generation, though? The most important thing to consider here is that they’ve grown up much differently from you and me. Rather than being merely familiar with technology, they are tech natives. They spent their entire childhood learning the rules of a never-before-seen version of human engagement.

This has drastically changed the way people relate to one another. They also have the amazing ability to use resources such as the internet to find creative solutions. With smartphones in hand and an ever-evolving digital sphere at their fingertips, Gen Zers are constantly learning. They effortlessly self-direct and can navigate complex problems with a few quick swipes.

This remarkable generation of incoming employees can help you navigate an economy increasingly made up of consumers from their cadre. But you have to understand what makes them tick in order to reap the returns. If your company isn’t aligned with Gen Z’s preferences, you won’t attract the workers who can help champion your company and drive it in new directions.

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