About Steven

“Steven is one of the rare gems, found only when searching for a genuine and caring character. His understanding of human engagement strategies is unique, coupled with a solid database of tested practical applications makes him a true professional in the industry.

Norman Vossschulte
Director of Fan Experience and Sustainability / Philadelphia Eagles

Steven Robertson, founder and CEO of BOLD TRAINING, is an internationally acclaimed author, recognized keynote speaker and experienced executive consultant.
He has been featured in over 50 podcasts and publications, including Forbes, Inc.com, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Harvard Business Review.

He continues to work strategically with the Philadelphia Eagles, IAVM, Journey Coffee, Ardent Mentoring and others organizations.

Steven’s efforts focus on challenging businesses to stay relevant – equipping them to lead the emerging generation of employees in a multi-generational workforce. Naturally entrepreneurial, Steven draws on his vast experiences and interactions with this generation to focus teams, customize company approaches, and strategically train business leaders. Steven’s passion is to see the next generation walk courageously into their destinies. This is what keeps him motivated, questioning, connecting.
Investing in tomorrow’s leaders is what fuels Steven.

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What People Are Saying

Ardent Mentoring

“Steve has one of the most unique minds I know of, which enables him to lead in highly effective and creative ways. This is why Steve is one of my top advisors in all things life and work. His ability to problem solve and formulate new ideas is uncanny. In addition, Steve is a polished keynote speaker that can captivate audiences with his expansive knowledge about future generations, business operations and more. I highly recommend hiring and/or partnering with Steve. I believe it will greatly benefit any person or enterprise who does so.”

Academic Internal Medicine Physician / University of Nebraska Medical Center.
Founder: Healthcare Improv

“Steve’s work is so important to anyone in medical education, an environment that is so steeped in tradition. His book and his work enlightened me on why certain teaching strategies worked and why some may not have.
I HAVE to understand the ten truths he outlines in his book if I am going to be effective in my job as a medical educator. His book provided so many insights and connected so many dots to help me do that!”

Director, Security Operations
Live Nation Entertainment

“Steve’s Keynote presentation and training was not only informative and engaging but presented in a unique way that kept the audience captivated. This National Conference was for leaders in the National Football League (NFL) who work in intense, high-pressure environments. The upbeat tempo of Steve’s presentation broke down any barriers and the conference attendees left his keynote reevaluating their leadership styles and more intent on implementing immediate tactical changes.”


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TRANSFORM LEADERSHIP: This change in perspective results in staff retention and elevated company culture.

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