Aliens Among Us: The Disconnected Generation

“This generation is unlike any generation we have seen before. I could almost equate them with aliens, but that wouldn’t be fair. They will be owners of companies, they’ll be employing you, and they’ll definitely be making decisions that affect change for us all. Gen Z are hopeful. Creative. Equipped. Influenced. Influenceable.” Steven Robertson
This book is vital reading for any generation wanting to understand the ‘Aliens Among Us’. It strikes a wonderful balance between ‘informing’ and ‘challenging’ the reader, using data and research to prove theories, and real life experiences to encourage broader thinking and a more malleable approach. Spoiler alert: If you’re still hell bent on getting Gen to see things your way, it won’t work – and this outstanding book explains why. I love books that make me realize that I desperately needed to read them, and this one tops my list for 2022! 
BUY IT – your aliens will thank you for it!
Julian Reeve, Speaker and Burnout Specialist, former Music Director of HAMILTON


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In his book, Aliens Among Us: Ten Surprising Truths about Gen Z, The Disconnected Generation, Steven brings meaning to the data so that you can easily understand what has shaped Gen Z. The points below outline some of the highlights in the book. As Steve expands on them, he hopes that you will be inspired to take steps to lead and guide them well.

  • The “Perfect Storm” is responsible for the “changing of an age.” Examine what this means for you as a business leader or a parent.
  • Learn how the influencer economy is impacting this generation, your home and business.
  • Reevaluate the legacy knowledge of prior generations.
  • Discover what the curated stream is, and how it impacts all aspects of communication.
  • Futureproof your business through a deeper understanding of social and digital media particularly as it pertains to Gen Z and Alpha Gen.
  • Understand Gen Z differently and see how these “aliens” are already changing life as we know it.




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